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For this week’s version of the Nerdy 30, I am introducing a new gimmick that you will see throughout the season. Once every NHL team hits every one-fourteenth point of the season (so in other words, every 5 and a fraction’s worth of games), one team will be completely removed and (hopefully) ignored in the […]

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Of all the games I put down as the most important as a Penn State alum every year, it is always the Ohio State game. Frankly, I can’t stand this football team!! Time and again they always win football games and yet their fan base treats two loss seasons like they finished with only two […]

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Welcome to a new segment from the DC Sports Dork this hockey season: the Nerdy 30. For those that know me like a book, I hate doing anything that would make me a conformist and so it really does annoy me that I join every sports journalist in the United States and write a power […]

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7. Edmonton 29-44-9, 68 points, 7th in the Pacific -67 goal differential, -5.44 Rob Vollman Luck Score (RVLS in short) (7th unluckiest) 25.8 Even Strength SF60 (28th), 32.1 Even Strength SA60 (27th) 44.3% Corsi (28th), 49.0% FO (21st), 990 PDO (24th) 17.0% PP (21st), 82.1% PK (15th), -9 penalty differential 2013 seemed like a sign […]

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8. Buffalo 21-51-10, 52 points, 8th in the Atlantic -91 goal differential, -10.35 Rob Vollman Luck Score (RVLS in short) (2nd unluckiest) 25.3 Even Strength SF60 (30th), 33.2 Even Strength SA60 (28th) 43.0% Corsi (29th), 46.8% FO (29th), 982 PDO (29th) 14.1% PP (29th), 81.4% PK (20th), -18 penalty differential Oh Buffalo. It’s a real […]

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7. Nashville 38-32-12, 88 points, 6th in the Central -23 goal differential,-7.62 Rob Vollman Luck Score (RVLS in short) (4th unluckiest) 28.6 Even Strength SF60 (20th), 28.6 Even Strength SA60 (15th) 48.5% Corsi (23rd), 53.1% FO (1st), 989 PDO (25th) 19.2% PP (11th), 80.2% PK (25th), +1 penalty differential As much as Nashville brought in […]

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We are finally here, ladies and gentleman!!! The NHL season is upon us. Before I get into the divisional previews, one change that has been made is instead of having expected wins under each team preview like I did last year, I will be using the Luck Score Rob Vollman developed on his website and […]


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