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After a really sad week off the ice, hockey decided to go bonkers in order to be fun again. Now, all hasn’t been coming up roses because the devaluation of the Ruble could affect Russia’s KHL, let alone the country itself, in the the worst way imaginable. Russian Machine’s Fedor Fedin wrote an awesome piece […]

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The Heisman Trophy is stupid because almost all of the winners for the best player in college football are terrible when they hit the NFL. That is all. If I was a more amateur blogger, I would just write those two sentences and be done with it. Instead, I will be diving deeper into the […]


Considering how dark of a week it has in the hockey world, it was fitting that a hilarious man with the most awesome mustache had to be fired in Paul MacLean. Yes, it was called months in advance, but it’s not like Ottawa was going to make a playoff push anytime soon in a deep […]


Hey everyone! Along with the Nerdy 30 posts that you have seen this season, another feature that you will see repeatedly this hockey season is a monthly Hipster Pickings post. The first of these came the night of the 2014 NHL entry draft and the purpose of these posts is to find the hidden gems […]


Everyone is stuffed, literally and figuratively, from the Thanksgiving holidays and we still haven’t seen a head coach get fired. As a result, you have to be reminded about the sweepstakes that are coming in this year’s entry draft with Connor McDavid, Jack Eichel and Noah Hanifan, especially considering that the draft lottery odds have […]

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Last week, I mentioned that it was amazing that no one seemed to be on the head coaching hot seat as we got closer to Thanksgiving. This week, we are at a different point in the NHL sack race, as Dallas Eakins and Randy Carlyle now seem to be going neck and neck. It got […]

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As we inch closer into Thanksgiving, this is usually the time when you hear about head coaches being on the hot seat and possibly get fired. As a Caps fan, it has become tradition to see the head coach get fired and envisioning him getting the phone call as he is cooking the turkey feast, […]


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