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Welcome to a new segment from the DC Sports Dork this hockey season: the Nerdy 30. For those that know me like a book, I hate doing anything that would make me a conformist and so it really does annoy me that I join every sports journalist in the United States and write a power […]

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7. Edmonton 29-44-9, 68 points, 7th in the Pacific -67 goal differential, -5.44 Rob Vollman Luck Score (RVLS in short) (7th unluckiest) 25.8 Even Strength SF60 (28th), 32.1 Even Strength SA60 (27th) 44.3% Corsi (28th), 49.0% FO (21st), 990 PDO (24th) 17.0% PP (21st), 82.1% PK (15th), -9 penalty differential 2013 seemed like a sign […]

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8. Buffalo 21-51-10, 52 points, 8th in the Atlantic -91 goal differential, -10.35 Rob Vollman Luck Score (RVLS in short) (2nd unluckiest) 25.3 Even Strength SF60 (30th), 33.2 Even Strength SA60 (28th) 43.0% Corsi (29th), 46.8% FO (29th), 982 PDO (29th) 14.1% PP (29th), 81.4% PK (20th), -18 penalty differential Oh Buffalo. It’s a real […]

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7. Nashville 38-32-12, 88 points, 6th in the Central -23 goal differential,-7.62 Rob Vollman Luck Score (RVLS in short) (4th unluckiest) 28.6 Even Strength SF60 (20th), 28.6 Even Strength SA60 (15th) 48.5% Corsi (23rd), 53.1% FO (1st), 989 PDO (25th) 19.2% PP (11th), 80.2% PK (25th), +1 penalty differential As much as Nashville brought in […]

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We are finally here, ladies and gentleman!!! The NHL season is upon us. Before I get into the divisional previews, one change that has been made is instead of having expected wins under each team preview like I did last year, I will be using the Luck Score Rob Vollman developed on his website and […]

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At 27, it’s hard to have athletes be your role models. Cal Ripken and Michael Jordan were certainly that during my childhood and I haven’t seen anyone hit that aura where an athlete can be a guaranteed star on the field and a humble, caring and classy guy off of it. These days, Derek Jeter […]

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One out. That’s all it needed to end a postseason game. At home. Again. One stupid out for Drew Storen to redeem himself from his emotionally scarring outing two years ago, win his manager’s trust to be the closer of the Nationals again and tie the series at 1 after another out-of-body experience by Jordan […]


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