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Now that we are out of the boring annual occasion that is the NHL All Star Weekend, I am finally glad that we can go ahead and proceed to some real hockey, especially now that we are into the month February and we got a trade deadline to discuss in less than three weeks. But […]

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We have finally made it to the All Star Break and as a result, the next power rankings post won’t come up until February 8th. This isn’t to say that I’ll be on vacation but instead this is more so that another week’s worth of games can come in to make change in where teams […]

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Before we start this week’s power rankings for the NHL, I just want to give a big thank you to those that have been working for war-on-ice.com since it’s inception in the Fall of 2014. Without them, we would have never had the world of hockey analytics reach another step. Whether it was re-defining what […]

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I don’t mean to brag, but as a Capitals fan, I don’t know if I can think of a more fitting title for this week’s Nerdy 30 than that. Through all the torture and turmoil being a Washington DC sports fan has been over the years, there hasn’t been one athlete that has brought me […]


So I have a confession to make. Remember that time when I mentioned that I won’t watch a single Redskins game? Welp, I did watch some Redskins this year. Whenever my floor hockey teammates would go to Gordon Biersch in Rockville, they’ll have it on there. I try not to watch, but then Kirk Cousins […]

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Happy New Year everyone!!! Before I start talking about this week’s post, I want to thank everyone for reading all the articles I have written within the last year. Through all the work that was done for every post, you tend forget the success that is received within such a vast amount of time. It […]

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Now that Boxing Day is upon us, not only does NHL hockey return to our television screens but the start of the World Junior Championships begins in Finland. Unlike last year, where the future of the league seemed to be on full display with Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, this year’s tournament is much more […]


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