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Somehow, a goaltender that is making people throw hamburgers is in my nightmares right now. Sports shouldn’t be this miserable, but it is sometimes. Now, I hope that my Capitals don’t fall pray to this dude that is seriously way too lucky to keep this up and to a Boston team that is being snake-bitten […]

Tim Carman/Washington Post

Instead of writing about sports and statistics today, I have decided to take some time to reflect on a place that is near and dear to my heart. Before 1 am last Thursday, an electrical fire was set off at the back of the closed Bombay Gaylord Indian Restaurant in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, causing […]

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We are officially within a month from the playoffs and teams are beginning to mold their recent trade acquisitions. Time is running out for team’s to improve or worsen and for teams from the outside to make it into the playoffs. Let’s not dilly dally in our latest edition of the Nerdy 30. 30. Buffalo […]

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Now that all the general managers have done their work at the trade deadline and the internet rumors have quieted down for, at least, another two months, we can all focus on the hockey being played on the ice. Things are really heating up for the final playoff seeds in both conferences as Boston won […]

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So another trade deadline has passed, but unlike last year, this one doesn’t warrant a trillion-word three act play. The Keith Yandle and Evander Kane trades were, by far, the biggest moves of the deadline and evidence should show that the biggest moves in the NHL are finding a way to be further from deadline […]

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We are here everyone! The week before the trade deadline has arrived and teams are either going to make the move that gets them to the playoffs or a Stanley Cup Championship, or the move that will cripple the franchise long term. Either way, all the on-the-second panic and incorrect analysis is going to be […]

Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports

Monotony is officially over in the NHL. Two major trades happened in the last week and they all have short term and long term implications for the teams involved. I am, of course, talking about the Evander Kane and Cody Franson trades that happened almost a full month before the March 2nd trade deadline. I […]


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