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As we inch closer into Thanksgiving, this is usually the time when you hear about head coaches being on the hot seat and possibly get fired. As a Caps fan, it has become tradition to see the head coach get fired and envisioning him getting the phone call as he is cooking the turkey feast, […]


Last Saturday, I along with 200 others showed up at Carnegie Mellon University to watch six hours of insightful presentations at the Pittsburgh Hockey Analytics Workshop. It was a historic moment amongst the hockey analytics community as it was the first of it’s kind in the United States. The event was hosted by Andrew Thomas […]

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With five weeks of NHL hockey under wraps, every team has played 12 games or more this season. That means we have hit the second fourteenth mark of the season and we need to eliminate another team from our existence. The Carolina Hurricanes will be that team and they are probably the last of the […]

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We have finally entered the month of November and plenty of interesting narratives have been developing this hockey season. Minnesota has been dominating October and once again hit the top of this week’s rankings. San Jose, Boston and Chicago have hit various states of panic mode (don’t worry folks, they’re ok), along with Los Angeles […]

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For this week’s version of the Nerdy 30, I am introducing a new gimmick that you will see throughout the season. Once every NHL team hits every one-fourteenth point of the season (so in other words, every 5 and a fraction’s worth of games), one team will be completely removed and (hopefully) ignored in the […]

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Of all the games I put down as the most important as a Penn State alum every year, it is always the Ohio State game. Frankly, I can’t stand this football team!! Time and again they always win football games and yet their fan base treats two loss seasons like they finished with only two […]

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Welcome to a new segment from the DC Sports Dork this hockey season: the Nerdy 30. For those that know me like a book, I hate doing anything that would make me a conformist and so it really does annoy me that I join every sports journalist in the United States and write a power […]


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