About the DC Sports Dork

Hello everyone,

I am the DC Sports Dork and this is my blog. I was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland and currently live in Rockville, Maryland. I grew up loving the Redskins, Capitals, Bullets/Wizards, and Nationals. I used to love the Orioles until the whole world realized that Peter Angelos is a dipshit ever since the Albert Belle signing and the Davey Johnson firing. I still have a soft spot for those Baltimore team, but when moments like Billy Cundiff’s missed chip shot of a field goal that could have sent the 2011-2012 Ravens to the Super Bowl happen, all I do is shrug my shoulders and say “thank god I don’t root for them 24/7.” The only time I have left my hometown for more than a few months was as an undergraduate student at Penn State. Once in a blue moon I will write about my college teams, but that’s a subject for another day.

I am here to ask all the most important questions in life…i mean, in sports (well, sports is everyone’s life, right? RIGHT?!?!). Your right, Paul Mooney can do a better job at this. But no matter what, we’ll have a lot of fun with this. Throughout the upcoming articles, I will be posting many new ways to look at the sports that I love through opinion and statistical analysis. I hope this blog will make you, the reader, a better sports fan as a result.

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