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Day 30 of Stanley Quips: The Beginning of the End

It’s been well over 24 hours since the Capitals lost their season and their golden generation. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this. It’s over. There’s no other way to say it. Game 7 had to end the way it did if it had to be in defeat. Just like in 2010. With no […]

Day 28 of Stanley Quips: Second Round Closure

With Ottawa winning last night’s game and advancing to the Stanley Cup finals, it will be guaranteed that tonight will be the last night of games in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. There will be two game sevens from, easily, the two most intriguing series in this round. So with that in […]

Day 23 of Stanley Quips: Start Spreading That News Ottawa

After looking like the Ottawa Senators rattled the New York Rangers with their spectacular comeback in Game 2, they now see themselves in a 2-2 series tie thanks to two 4-1 demolitions at Madison Square Garden. Even the analytics can’t save Guy Boucher’s men as they should have been outscored 6.5-2.9 while adjusting for score-affects according […]

Day 20 of Stanley Quips: Shot[ Attempt]s Fired

Personally, I hate superstitions. Almost all of them never come true on my end, so there’s just no point in spending tons of energy ever thinking about them. I mean, I believe in hockey data to explain this sport more than anything else for a reason! That being said, I do have some strange theory that […]

Day 19 of 2017 Stanley Quips: Who is My Second Team to Win This Year’s Stanley Cup?

We’re getting close to 48 hours since Washington’s Game 2 debacle, and as usual, it was scarring. You try to find something else on TV to watch that night only to realize there’s nothing better. You try to find another hobby to do only to realize there’s nothing that makes you stop thinking about throwing […]

Day 16 of 2017 Stanley Quips: What a Heavyweight Rematch Looks Like

After all the previews and pregame pageantry for the Capitals-Penguins series, a hockey game was finally played out. To both team’s standards, it was quite conservative based on solely the 3-2 scoreline in favor of Pittsburgh. With all the offensive firepower at their disposal, this should be a more hustle and bustle series, especially considering […]

Day 15 of 2017 Stanley Quips: Let Me Letestu

Last night’s Ducks-Oilers game was quite a strange one. After a dull first two periods that saw one power play goal from each team, you never expected a high-scoring 5-3 win by the road team in the end, but that’s how the game finished in the end. To start the scoring in the third period, Edmonton […]