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Day 33 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Legalized Gambling

Unlike the Washington-Tampa series so far, the Vegas-Winnipeg series has been a much closer battle in every way possible. After Winnipeg got off to a ferocious start to win Game 1, it was Vegas who returned the favor in Game 2. Just like that, the series is tied at 1 as both franchises move the […]

2018 Stanley Cup Conference Finals Preview

  Vegas vs. Winnipeg First up, we have two teams that weren’t even in the postseason last year. In fact, Vegas didn’t even have a roster right around this time last year. Yet here we are watching two teams hitting foreign territory here. Sometimes, when you watch two groups of players never experience such a […]

Week 26 of the Nerdy 30+1: Carlyle’s Curiosity and Sulking with Sullivan

We’re almost there everyone! Once Sunday comes to an end, 16 teams remain and we will finally be watching games that will truly decide who will win the Stanley Cup. But in some ways, we’ll be seeing playoff games as early as tonight. First, St. Louis is traveling to Colorado to decide the final seed […]

Week 25 of the Nerdy 30+1: Hall Passes and Better-Angelo

Another week in and we’re just getting closer to the postseason. All I can say is I am glad that not every team has played the next milestone of games to eliminate a team from postseason contention because the races for the final spots in each conference is really close. Especially in the Western Conference, […]

Week 23 & 24 of the Nerdy 30+1: Saddle D’oh and Star Crossed

So here we go! For the past couple of weeks, anticipation has been growing for the Stanley Cup playoffs to start and you can certainly feel it with these power rankings. I may not have posted anything last week, but I am glad I have given myself the opportunity to eliminate two teams from playoff […]

Weeks 20-22 of the Nerdy 30+1: Final Stretch Divisional Breakdowns

As a head’s up, today’s post was published before taking into account of today’s (March 11th) games Hello, how are you all? My name is the DC Sports Dork and I have been away on vacation for far so long that I thought it was fair to reintroduce myself. Anywho, lots have happened in the […]

Week 19 of the Nerdy 30+1: Chelsea Knackered and Phan-Oof

As we get closer to the trade deadline, every team across the league will need to figure out whether they have any shot at making the playoffs or not. Sure, they can go ahead and look at the standings and think they have picked up enough overtime losses to keep them going. But really, they […]

Week 18 of the Nerdy 30+1: Something’s Bruin

31. Buffalo (82-game standings points pace: 61 points, Last Week: 31) 30. Ottawa (Pace: 72 pts, LW: 30) 29. Arizona (Pace: 53 pts, LW: 29) 28. Vancouver (Pace: 72 pts, LW: 27) 27. Detroit (Pace: 79 pts, LW: 28) 26. Florida (Pace: 82 pts, LW: 26) 25. New York Islanders (Pace: 88 pts, LW: 24) […]

Weeks 16 & 17 of the Nerdy 30+1: Grand Central and Flushed Out Oil

Since there were no power rankings last week, I have decided to give you all double the content this time around. And with that, two teams have now eliminated from playoff contention. Now that the All-Star break has come to an end, it’s time to look forward to the Olympics trade deadline and postseason as […]

Week 15 of the Nerdy 30+1: Check Mate and Babbling Babcock

Before we get to another edition of the Nerdy 30+1, I think we really need to talk about Kid Rock. For starts, let’s ignore the obvious issues here for a second by asking this simple question that should be applied to all sports leagues that want to stay relevant when it comes to hiring half […]