As we get closer to the end of the first quarter this NHL, we begin to see sample sizes hit a point where flukes become trends. And with that, we begin to see teams in need to make their move if they genuinely want to make an impact on this season. Colorado, Ottawa and Nashville […]

With a summer free agent and midseason trade deadline market that just finds a way to get worse and worse by the season, the best acquisitions in the NHL these days come at times when people least expect them. Last week’s three-team trade that sent Matt Duchene to Ottawa, Kyle Turris to Nashville and seven […]

With my Capitals suffering a predictably miserable October, it is a good time to be reminded how, despite not playing that many games how this month has historically been such an indicator for which teams make it to the playoffs and which ones have future success. To abridge the links provided, recent history suggests that […]

I’ll be honest, I clearly haven’t been looking forward to this NHL season, and with good reason. If anything, last night’s 6-2 drubbing Vancouver unleashed upon my Washington Capitals is proof to why I’ve been so pessimistic since the team lost Nate Schmidt in the expansion draft. Add the fact the Nats now seem to […]

1. Edmonton Let’s get this out of the way right now. The Oilers are going to improve dramatically without having to improve their roster. Why is that, you ask and how on Earth does that make any sense. For starts, this NHL offseason did not see a single move in which one particular NHL team […]

1. Nashville It was nothing short of a magical season for the Nashville Predators and hopes are that 2017-18 is an improvement on that. The real question is whether those said hopes can actually be a reality. There is a strong argument that the Predators should have won the Stanley Cup last year. That was […]

1. Toronto Beyond Edmonton, I can’t think of any other NHL team more excited about this season more than the Toronto Maple Leafs (I’m sorry….Trohntah Maypa cannot). Auston Matthews returns after setting the world alight last postseason and the future can not be any brighter for him. He’s not alone in this instance, however. William […]