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We Need to Talk About Brian

You could see the writing on the wall for Washington since last summer. Win the Stanley Cup in 2017, or die. Even Brian MacLellan proclaimed it since T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams signed with the team in the 2015 offseason. They each had two years left on their contracts and would be passed their primes […]

Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

So I have a confession to make. Remember that time when I mentioned that I won’t watch a single Redskins game? Welp, I did watch some Redskins this year. Whenever my floor hockey teammates would go to Gordon Biersch in Rockville, they’ll have it on there. I try not to watch, but then Kirk Cousins […]

Why I Am Not Watching A Single Redskins Game Until Further Notice

So how many 0-16 seasons will it take until Dan Snyder learns any lesson. The answer is zero, of course. We learned that answer from 2013 and 2014. Why, because any sane NFL franchise would have treated the 2009 season as the lowest points in their livelihoods. As if Albert Haynesworth wasn’t enough to poison […]

How bad is the Heisman Trophy Curse?

The Heisman Trophy is stupid because almost all of the winners for the best player in college football are terrible when they hit the NFL. That is all. If I was a more amateur blogger, I would just write those two sentences and be done with it. Instead, I will be diving deeper into the […]

What happened to all the 2012 Penn State decommitments that commited to Ohio State?

Of all the games I put down as the most important as a Penn State alum every year, it is always the Ohio State game. Frankly, I can’t stand this football team!! Time and again they always win football games and yet their fan base treats two loss seasons like they finished with only two […]

Why should America care more about rugby?

With the Super Bowl over, another season of football is over. However, some are already missing the shear athleticism and legal violence that football brings. So what are you to do? Sure, the Winter Olympics are fun, but you miss tackling, teamwork and absolute emotion from the fans in a packed stadium of 60,000+ where […]

Why should sports matter in society?

Recently, I wrote my latest post on the validity of offensive and goaltending point shares in hockey. As always, I hope you all enjoyed reading it. It was a post I have been planning all week, just like any other week since I have started this blog. Also like any other week, I have been […]

Should we expect more parity in sports?

“All you need to do is get in the playoffs and anything can happen.” Sound familiar? It seems like that has been the quote everyone says every time the playoffs start for your favorite professional sport. I certainly learned that in one of the most scarring playoff series in certainly my lifetime and probably in […]