Why I Am Not Watching A Single Redskins Game Until Further Notice

USA Today

USA Today

So how many 0-16 seasons will it take until Dan Snyder learns any lesson. The answer is zero, of course.

We learned that answer from 2013 and 2014. Why, because any sane NFL franchise would have treated the 2009 season as the lowest points in their livelihoods. As if Albert Haynesworth wasn’t enough to poison a generation of fans, Jim Zorn and staying medium found a way to double that output. Instead, doing whatever front office management could to get Mike Shanahan out the door and, once again, creating one of the dumbest coaching candidate processes in modern NFL history, was their new benchmark of madness, for now. Jay Gruden never had a chance.

If Dan Snyder would have learned any lesson, he would have stopped at nothing to hire Mike Zimmer, or even Bill O’Brien. Instead, not a single head coach with a hint of intelligence wants to even touch the wastelands that are Ashburn, Virginia or FedEx Field with a ten foot pole. Now, Snyder is stuck with a career league-average offensive coordinator who is demanded to be a Super Bowl contending head coach with a quarterback who is damaged physically and emotionally for life.

I can’t help but think that this season is exactly like the 2008 Detroit Lions. Despite going 4-0 in the preseason, Detroit would lose every single game of the regular season. Afterwards, they would get Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh in the next two NFL Drafts. Detroit allowed their young talent to shine through and play up to their potential. Washington lacks that skill so much that they insult the word incompetent.

There’s no further proof than Robert Griffin III. Is Griffin to blame for plenty of his petulance in returning to play a single NFL snap before his ACL completely healed? Absolutely. Is Griffin also to blame for not learning from any of his failures and doing whatever he can in his entire being to be among the best quarterbacks in the league? Absolutely.

However, smart franchises stop at nothing to never let the player express his unintelligent opinions and will stop at nothing to proverbially put him in his place and give him the tough love that any player, let alone the best thing that has ever happened to the football organization in generations, deserves. Instead, Snyder decided to let a then 24-year old Griffin run the insane asylum with his words, forgetting he is still in year two of his professional football career. But let’s not forget that this is the same organization that allowed bigger idiots like Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall and DeSean Jackson and Clinton Portis to run their mouths so much that they forgot what it’s like to walk the walk ever again. Even the likes of Pierre Garcon and Jason Taylor caught the fever.

And to put the cherry on the sundae, anything that ever comes out of Red Zebra Communications, aka ESPN 980, might as well be an instrument that communist countries use all the time. It’s the dimwits that are Steve Szaban, Andy Pollin and Larry Michael that not only voice too much positivity in a football team that no longer deserves it, but also believes that they’re the only game in town.

Thirty years ago, they were. The then Bullets were beginning their descent to the NBA abyss while the Capitals were both still gaining roots into the DC area and choking so much in the playoffs that fans couldn’t trust them any longer. Nowadays, the now Wizards have been to two straight second round appearance. The Capitals are a Rangers series victory (and, really, a Tampa Bay series victory too) away from true progress of becoming a Stanley Cup contender. The Nationals and their chaos still finds a way to become a .500-ballclub and generate over 40,000 fans per game at their best.

Still, ESPN 980 will keep on ignoring that fact and if you ever turn on to that channel, their demonic rants will brainwash you so much, that you join in on the stupidity. You join in on the arguments that distract you so much that it makes you forget the true root of all evil. No bigger example is presented than the “quarterback controversy” between Griffin and turnover machine and league average fourth round pick Kirk Cousins. Go ahead, keep forgetting that Russell Wilson and Tom Brady are the ONLY starting quarterbacks in today’s NFL drafted later than the SECOND ROUND. The odds were stacked against Kirk FROM DAY ONE. Keep forgetting that the defense has been so awful ever since Haynesworth ran Greg Blatche out of town. Keep forgetting that this franchise never believes in drafting offensive and defensive linemen, on mass. Keep forgetting that Dan Snyder is the sole reason Brandon Merriweather and DeAngelo Hall are still playing professional football, let alone allowing them to talk to a microphone. Also, keep forgetting that Tony Wyllie is like South Park’s Saddam Hussein to Dan Snyder’s Satan. Keep forgetting that Chris Cooley’s botched comeback attempt would turn into a controversy in itself was one of the least surprising outcomes in franchise history. Also, keep forgetting Wyllie’s “no means no” are the three words that define this football team forever until the heart of the matter changes.

And I’m not even talking about the name change, because that within itself has been a poisonous subject that continues to this day since George Preston Marshall made sure that Washington became the last NFL team to racially integrate.

So until then, keep being an American citizen. Voice your own opinions and make the right choice. Don’t give in to the real socialist hype machine out in Landover, Maryland and do whatever you can to make Redskins games hit below zero on the Nielsen ratings.

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