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Lord Stanley’s Ramblings: Learning to Love Randy Whitman

After last year’s ridiculous postseason run by the Wizards, this was supposed to be the year the Washington Wizards grew up and took it to another level. After all, this was a franchise that drafted three top five picks in four years. That was not meant to be. Despite finishing 46-36 during the regular season, […]

What should we make of the Washington Wizards?!?!

Since the Capitals decided to be an absolute disgrace this season, there really wasn’t anything else to do this spring when it came to watching sports with pure joy. You can make a case for watching the Nationals, but they keep losing all the time to the stupid Braves and Cardinals. Also, call me when […]

What is the success rate of a typical NBA Draft?

In less than 24 hours, the NBA Draft will commence and we will learn who will join the ranks in one of the most important lists in sports. Yes, the NBA is infamous for being a sport full of pompous royalty (it really doesn’t help that a Kobe Bryant can make close to three times […]

Why should sports matter in society?

Recently, I wrote my latest post on the validity of offensive and goaltending point shares in hockey. As always, I hope you all enjoyed reading it. It was a post I have been planning all week, just like any other week since I have started this blog. Also like any other week, I have been […]

Should we expect more parity in sports?

β€œAll you need to do is get in the playoffs and anything can happen.” Sound familiar? It seems like that has been the quote everyone says every time the playoffs start for your favorite professional sport. I certainly learned that in one of the most scarring playoff series in certainly my lifetime and probably in […]