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Week 15 of the Nerdy 30+1: Check Mate and Babbling Babcock

Before we get to another edition of the Nerdy 30+1, I think we really need to talk about Kid Rock. For starts, let’s ignore the obvious issues here for a second by asking this simple question that should be applied to all sports leagues that want to stay relevant when it comes to hiring half […]

Day 21 of Stanley Quips: The Blues Are Finally Facing The Music

Last night was the continuation of an angry Central Division series between the Nashville Pretadors and the St. Louis Blues. The two rivals went toe-to-toe when it came to highlight reel tussles and aggravation that you thought a suspension or ten would have come about this series. Instead, only 10 power plays have been dished […]

Day 12 of 2017 Stanley Quips: All About Schmidt

With the Capitals defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs last night, they can finally concentrate on the inevitable. It has been a playoff match-up that, because Gary Bettman and his cronies just can not ever understand how to make a fair playoff system, has been about as forthcoming¬†since the entire hockey season started since all the […]

Day 11 of Stanley Quips: Le Bleu-Blancs-Rouge et Malchance

When coming into the Montreal-New York series, the most obvious narrative was that this would be a battle between two of the best and most established goaltenders in Carey Price and Henrik Lundqvist. The two did not disappoint as expected there to be a combined 33 goals in the six-game series. Instead, there were […]

Day 6 of 2017 Stanley Quips: We Really Need to Talk About Barry

It’s happening again. The Capitals are facing a two games to one deficit despite being favorites to win the whole Stanley Cup tournament, let alone the series. This is not 2008, where you could argue such a young team had nowhere to go but down after being so white-hot to make it into the dance. […]

Day 4 of Stanley Quips: A Song of Ice and Fire (…wagons)

Another Capitals playoff home game, another loss. What else is new for a city that has been in a 25-year title drought that nobody ever talks about? Welp, how about the fact that I should tell you that the Capitals are doing fine. For now. With last night’s 4-3 loss, the series Washington has with […]

Week 17 of the Nerdy 30: Sweeney Todd

Another week, another coach has gotten fired. This one was a bit more predictable as Boston decided to get rid of longtime coach Claude Julien. While I still stand by the fact that it was a bad decision, Bruins fans can’t tolerate the idea of missing three postseasons in a row and that is understandable. […]

Weeks 14 & 15 of the Nerdy 30: All-Star Weekend Edition

With this year’s NHL All-Star weekend coming to a close, the rest of the regular season is upon us tomorrow and before you know it, the trade deadline will be coming at us fast. Plenty of rumors are already swirling around from struggling teams that are looking to tank and save salary cap room in […]

Joshua, Wilder and Parker: Making Heavyweight Boxing Great Again

For some that have followed boxing for a long time, they will agree that it has been a long time since a heavyweight boxer has transcended the sport. Since the retirement of Lennox Lewis, the Klitschko brothers monopolized the division and have held the reigns for almost 12 years. Whether it is because of their […]

Week 18 of the Nerdy 30: Tamed Wild and Flying Red Wings

As we get closer to the trade deadline, it is time to eliminate another team as everyone has played over 53 games (or 8/14ths) this season. As much as I would like to Montreal and their decaying corpse of a season, I need to know that Carey Price has a chance of playing this season […]