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Running Diary: England Crash Out of Their Own Rugby World Cup

As mentioned, the main reason why I went to England was to watch the biggest game of the Rugby World Cup group stages: England-Australia. If Australia wins, it will send a country and “inventors of the sport (like cricket and “football”)”  in tatters. If England wins, their World Cup dreams are alive. Here is a […]

My Trip This Weekend

Hello Everyone! As you may have seen, I really enjoy watching Rugby, and outside of hockey, it is becoming my favorite sport. As such, I decided to make a trip out to London this weekend. I will be leaving on October 1st from Dulles to get to the city via Heathrow and will be coming […]

Nemani Nadolo: David in Goliath’s Body

With one match completed, the Rugby World Cup is finally underway, and boy was it an interesting match. The hosts England may have won over Fiji 35-11, but trust me, the game was and should have been much closer than the score indicated. With 16 minutes to go, the underdogs cut the lead to 18-11 […]

The All Blacks and The Eternal Pursuit of Perfection

What is the goal for any team in sports? It is to win every single game you play. Now, clearly, that is a very difficult task for anyone to achieve. We are all human beings and make mistakes. We all start out not knowing how to master the necessary skills needed to win a contest. […]

Why should America care more about rugby?

With the Super Bowl over, another season of football is over. However, some are already missing the shear athleticism and legal violence that football brings. So what are you to do? Sure, the Winter Olympics are fun, but you miss tackling, teamwork and absolute emotion from the fans in a packed stadium of 60,000+ where […]