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Four Years to the Fourth Power

Since 2012, the Nationals have either been in the playoffs or within striking distance of making the playoffs. During that time, they have brought jubilation and, a bit too many times, heartbreak. The last three days definitely fell on the latter adjective. Here are my thoughts in 4^4 sentences. 1) Four years because you need […]

Did Bryce Harper have his moment?

At 27, it’s hard to have athletes be your role models. Cal Ripken and Michael Jordan were certainly that during my childhood and I haven’t seen anyone hit that aura where an athlete can be a guaranteed star on the field and a humble, caring and classy guy off of it. These days, Derek Jeter […]

Just to be sure: DC is cursed, right?

One out. That’s all it needed to end a postseason game. At home. Again. One stupid out for Drew Storen to redeem himself from his emotionally scarring outing two years ago, win his manager’s trust to be the closer of the Nationals again and tie the series at 1 after another out-of-body experience by Jordan […]

Can we please stop talking about a Beltway Series (for now)?!?!

For those that have been reading me from day one, you may find it blasphemous that I, a true Washingtonian (so much so, that I always say I am from DC, but really I am from the suburbs some 20+ miles away), haven’t written anything about the Nationals. Maybe it’s the fact that advanced statistics […]

Why should sports matter in society?

Recently, I wrote my latest post on the validity of offensive and goaltending point shares in hockey. As always, I hope you all enjoyed reading it. It was a post I have been planning all week, just like any other week since I have started this blog. Also like any other week, I have been […]

Should we expect more parity in sports?

“All you need to do is get in the playoffs and anything can happen.” Sound familiar? It seems like that has been the quote everyone says every time the playoffs start for your favorite professional sport. I certainly learned that in one of the most scarring playoff series in certainly my lifetime and probably in […]