After all the previews and pregame pageantry for the Capitals-Penguins series, a hockey game was finally played out. To both team’s standards, it was quite conservative based on solely the 3-2 scoreline in favor of Pittsburgh. With all the offensive firepower at their disposal, this should be a more hustle and bustle series, especially considering […]

Last night’s Ducks-Oilers game was quite a strange one. After a dull first two periods that saw one power play goal from each team, you never expected a high-scoring 5-3 win by the road team in the end, but that’s how the game finished in the end. To start the scoring in the third period, Edmonton […]

Hey everyone? How’s everyone’s hearts? How’s everyone’s brackets? Oh, Terrible?! Yeah, mine too. This has really been a rough postseason for everyone in the analytics community as almost everyone (including me) picked Minnesota to reach the Stanley Cup finals. That being said, almost everyone on social media reveled in Nashville taking Chicago to the cleaners […]

With the Capitals defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs last night, they can finally concentrate on the inevitable. It has been a playoff match-up that, because Gary Bettman and his cronies just can not ever understand how to make a fair playoff system, has been about as forthcoming since the entire hockey season started since all the […]

When coming into the Montreal-New York series, the most obvious narrative was that this would be a battle between two of the best and most established goaltenders in Carey Price and Henrik Lundqvist. The two did not disappoint as expected there to be a combined 33 goals in the six-game series. Instead, there were […]

Throughout the season, there have been hints that the landscape of the NHL could be changing rapidly. Pittsburgh is now seen as the standard bearers of how to play the game thanks to Mike Sullivan’s fun-and-gun style and lightning-quick tape-to-tape passing. Toronto seems to be following suit and is an elite defender or two away […]

Within a small space of time, the Anaheim Ducks became the first team to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is not an undeserved achievement either. While Calgary can attest that they were winning the shot attempt battle all series long (score-adjusted to 195.6-191.3 at even strength), Anaheim can counter […]