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2018 Stanley Cup Conference Finals Preview

  Vegas vs. Winnipeg First up, we have two teams that weren’t even in the postseason last year. In fact, Vegas didn’t even have a roster right around this time last year. Yet here we are watching two teams hitting foreign territory here. Sometimes, when you watch two groups of players never experience such a […]

2018 Stanley Cup Conference Semifinals Preview

In some ways, this season’s first-round series felt quite anticlimactic. Sure, there was some intrigue, but on the whole, there wasn’t one team that you felt completely shocked about them advancing to the next round. I can promise you that this second round will be quite different. Across the board are series full of tight […]

2018 Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals Preview

Due to circumstances out of my control, today’s DC Sports Dork was published four hours after the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs. As a result, these opinions were as of before today’s (April 11th) sets of games took place. New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay The first series up definitely is the most likely to […]