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Week 25 of the Nerdy 30: Fighting For Power

As we hit the last two days of the NHL regular season, now should be a time to finally get excited that the Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us. Instead, news broke out that the NHL will no longer allow their players to freely play for their countries in any future Olympic Hockey tournaments. Money […]

Week 24 of the Nerdy 30: Empires Fall and Leafs are Changing

Here we go ladies and gentlemen! We’re down to the last 10 days of the NHL regular season and the field of sixteen to make this year’s playoffs is just about set. What’s remaining is who will get the third seed in the Atlantic Division and who will be the second wild card team in […]

Weeks 21 and 22 of the Nerdy 30: A case of bad PDO and Thoughts on #VanHAC

Welcome back readers. A new mega-edition of the Nerdy 30 is upon us after taking a week off from my trip to Vancouver. The city was amazing despite it being rainy the majority of the vacation and I was able to meet so many new and familiar faces at the annual Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference […]

Week 20 of the Nerdy 30: No Rally’s and Raleigh and Shat-ing on Pittsburgh’s Parade

The NHL trade deadline is over, and good riddance to it. Once again, too many past their prime veteran players had to be talked up by mediaΒ analysts and were only traded away by draft picks. The more these types of trades come about the more it needs to be understood that these type of guys […]

Week 19 of the Nerdy 30: Back from Extinction and Penguins in Pain

Embrace this week’s power rankings everyone, because this will be the last time you will see almost every team look the same before the upcoming trade deadline. Not a single team has been eliminated in this week’s rankings, so until then, let’s analyze a few teams that have made a massive change in their performances […]

Week 18 of the Nerdy 30: Ta-ta Therrien and Down Goes Dallas

  Another week, another coach gets fired and another team needs to be eliminated from the power rankings. This should have happened last year, but after only winning once in their last seven games heading into the bye week, Montreal was left with no choice but to fire Michel Therrien. He becomes the fifth head […]

Week 17 of the Nerdy 30: Sweeney Todd

Another week, another coach has gotten fired. This one was a bit more predictable as Boston decided to get rid of longtime coach Claude Julien. While I still stand by the fact that it was a bad decision, Bruins fans can’t tolerate the idea of missing three postseasons in a row and that is understandable. […]

Week 16 of the Nerdy 30: Yeozers

After commenting about how St. Louis needed to change their game plan, the St. Louis Blues front office thought it was best to change head coaches. The days of boring Ken Hitchcock are finally over, but who knows if replacing him with Mike Yeo will make things better. Yeo did lead Minnesota to one of […]

Week 13 of the Nerdy 30: A Thousand Miles

Another milestone, another time to reminisce about history. I just don’t know what to say about Alex Ovechkin anymore without saying he’s the best. We’re still in the middle of his age-31 season and as of minutes before tonight’s Capitals-Blackhawks game, the “Great 8” is sitting 29th all-time in goals scored at 546 and 84th […]

Week 12 of the Nerdy 30: Blashill’s Blushes and a Dab for Minnesota’s Defense

Happy New Year everyone! As we get back from playing some outdoor fun and games, the NHL starts to get just a bit more exciting as college and pro football begin to wane from our consciousness. Now that we are getting ever closer to the halfway point of the season, it is time to knock […]