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Day 23 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Member Barrys

Oh Barry. You never cease to amaze me. Just when you thought he has pulled off some of the best coaching he has ever done for the Capitals with his first round series win over Columbus and his incorporation to Michal Kempny into the lineup, he has went belly up and, once again, potentially ruined […]

Day 22 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Pacific Rim

So for the first time all second round, I have decided to look at a series that isn’t Caps-Penguins to see what’s going on over there. To the dismay of Penguins fans everywhere, hockey is actually played in other places around the world. And yes, Primanti Brothers Lovers, they do play hockey in Las Vegas, […]

Day 21 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Cracking the Whip

Welp, Tom Wilson turned the entire population of Western Pennsylvania into rageaholic lunatics again after his hit on Zach Aston-Reese. To this day, I still have no idea how PPG Paints Arena stayed in one place after Wilson wasn’t called for a penalty. Their fan base and their permanent “holier than thou” spirit will never […]

Day 20 of 2018 Stanley Quips: [Alex] Jonesing for the Rest of the Capitals-Penguins Rivalry

So the Washington Capitals found a way to overcome some minutia of adversity last Sunday to pull off the 4-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. While such a scoreline indicates the Capitals blew out the Penguins from start to finish, that definitely was not the case if you are to look at the shot attempts […]

Day 16 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Opportunities Keep Knocking

One of the greatest sporting memories I have had over the past couple of years was my alma mater, Penn State, pulling off the upset on Ohio State football in a 2016 showdown at home. It not only put my University back on the College Football map, but it eventually placed the group of players […]

2018 Stanley Cup Conference Semifinals Preview

In some ways, this season’s first-round series felt quite anticlimactic. Sure, there was some intrigue, but on the whole, there wasn’t one team that you felt completely shocked about them advancing to the next round. I can promise you that this second round will be quite different. Across the board are series full of tight […]

Day 13 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Bring on Pittsburgh, I Guess

I can’t believe they did it. Not only that, I can’t believe it was that easy. There was just too much data (or number playing depending on how you see it) to prove that the Capitals always make it hard on themselves. They started this series down 0-2 despite having home ice advantage. They could […]

Day 12 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Jake the Snake

Over a decade ago, a quarterback named Jake Plummer whom no one expected to be really good almost guided the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl appearance in 2005. This year, a Pittsburgh Penguin that was never expected to be linemates with Sidney Crosby, let alone be able to have this successful of an NHL […]

Day 9 of 2018 Stanley Quips: When Nationwide is Not on Your Side

Somehow, someway, this Washington Capitals refuses to die. It’s really why us fans find a way to feel tortured every postseason. We give up hope early on. We then notice this team find a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat only for defeat to be snatched from the jaws of victory. It’s […]

Day 8 of 2018 Stanley Quips: Ducking the Obvious

Just like that, we have the entire Pacific Division set for the second round of the playoffs. In some ways, San Jose’s 2-1 win over Anaheim showed that this series was much closer than the 4-0 sweep indicated. But then again, it was a sweep, so the gap had to have been that huge, right? […]