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Day 9 of 2017 Stanley Quips: Chelsea Haggard

Throughout the season, there have been hints that the landscape of the NHL could be changing rapidly. Pittsburgh is now seen as the standard bearers of how to play the game thanks to Mike Sullivan’s fun-and-gun style and lightning-quick tape-to-tape passing. Toronto seems to be following suit and is an elite defender or two away […]

Day 8 of 2017 Stanley Quips: Flamed Out

Within a small space of time, the Anaheim Ducks became the first team to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is not an undeserved achievement either. While Calgary can attest that they were winning the shot attempt battle all series long (score-adjusted to 195.6-191.3 at even strength), Anaheim can counter […]

Day 7 of 2017 Stanley Quips: Edmonton is Gifting This Series to San Jose

With the series now tied at two, San Jose has now made their first round match-up way more interesting than anticipated after thrashing Edmonton 7-0 last night. Their fear leading into the postseason was whether their offensive firepower that has made them so good in recent memory would is no longer existent because of a […]

Day 5 of 2017 Stanley Quips: The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup

People, this Penguins-Blue Jackets series should not be this easy. But here we are. Pittsburgh came back from a 3-1 deficit last night and basically took the Blue Jackets to the woodshed since the second period until Jake Guentzel put them out of their misery. To go along with that, in the most Pittsburgh way […]

Day 3 of Stanley Quips: What do The Oilers and Office Space Have in Common?

So the only game I was able to watch last night was the third period of the Oilers-Sharks game and boy did Edmonton take them to the cleaners. The Oilers certainly had the potential to do this because they were easily the younger, fresher and hotter team than San Jose was. And all that has […]

Days 1 and 2 of 2017 Stanley Quips: Leave Willy Alone!!!

When writing for the Hockey Writers, I tried to build a feature around something I found interesting through a couple of Capitals playoffs games. At the DC Sports Dork, I have decided to expand on this venture and write one narrative on the at least one game every night of the postseason. Boy do people […]